The research underway for The Prophetess Legacy ~ Feminine Voices of the Divine is an evolving 10+ year project of inspirational writer and visionary researcher Susan Larison Danz.

Susan Larison DanzDescribed as a "talented and powerful" writer, Susan is actively engaged in multiple research and communications outreach projects.

Susan is the host of The Frontier Beyond Fear podcast, now in its 12th year and often featured on the front page of the Blog Talk Radio web site, syndicated to several podcasting platforms. She has presented a number of seminars in the spiritual community and has spoken on popular radio broadcasts and podcasts multiple times.

Her online forum posts (under pseudonym bridgebldr) on thought-provoking spiritual, philosophical & societal topics were highlighted as top posts multiple times via reader popularity on the front page of the Oprah® web site (when the popular discussion forum there was very active in the years ~2006-2010).

The Prophetess Legacy - Coming Soon

Susan has a diverse educational and professional background balancing science and humanities. She combines logic and reason with spiritual depth and intuition in her writing, research and presentations. She has degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, including an MS degree from the birthplace of Computer Science, the University of Illinois.

After working 20+ years in the corporate world as an engineering corporate communications manager, software project lead and developer, technical writer, innovator and mentor, Susan founded the Oregon-based company Lighted Bridge Communications in 2009. She was also the President of the non-profit Sherwood Robin Hood Festival Association, directing large community festivals. She currently works freelance worldwide.

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